Chipotle teams up with London United (LDN UTD) E Sports


LDN UTD is a “start up” and is now hosting events whereby young people can play in e sport competitions on the big titles and the winners can earn entry to national and international competitions that offer significant prize money. Chipotle, whilst a significant national quick service restaurant across the US is a small player in the UK, with 8 resturants in London. LDN UTD were looking for brand partners who shared their values of appeaing to a young audience and seen as “street” and offered the consumer a new expereince.

The Process

The co-owner of LDN UTD was introduced to the GM of Chiptle Europe to discuss a partnership for their new London event. The key ingredient was that Chipotle were looking for product trial and were able to provide a promotional mechanic to the attendees and followers of LDN UTD.

The Result

Three events were held in 2019 at 3 different locations. Chipotle received branding at the event and accreditation within the video content of the event. Visits to the Chipotle website and social media platforms significantly increased, leading to a voucher redemption level that demonstrated that there was a definite fit between the two parties. One of the grime artists that was involved is a vegan, that dovetailed nicely as Chipotle were promoting their new vegan range and were able to use the images, instore. More events are planned for 2020.