Uber becomes the official rideshare and transportation partner of Leeds United


Under new ownership, Leeds United FC wished to be first to market for partnerships with technology brands that could enhance the fan experience. I was appointed as a commercial consultant to get in front of a targeted list of brands By the Executive Board

The Process

After successfully reaching out to Uber, the club vision was shared with them in their London office. Uber were excited by the potential to work with a forward thinking club to form a commercial partnership to promote their service. Over several meetings, Uber and LUFC worked together to create a unique offer to both the LUFC employees and fans for matchdays across all digital platforms.

The Result

LUFC fans have received significant discounts to use Uber for home and away matches and also on non-match days. The Uber app was also embedded into the LUFC app within the travel section.
Furthermore, all LUFC employees use Uber Central which the Uber B2B product that both lowers cost and reduces administration for the employee and the club. This addition to LUFC’s partner programme helped the club to grow their portfolio with other like- minded technology brands.